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Michigan basketball should be on shortlist for FAU transfer Alijah Martin

Alijah Martin of FAU finally entered the transfer portal and Michigan basketball is expected to be among the top contenders.



Michigan basketball
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Michigan basketball fans have been wondering when or if all of the best players from FAU would enter the transfer portal. Now, following Alijah Martin’s entrance into the transfer portal, we have our answer.

Vlad Goldin, Martin, and Johnell Davis were each All-Conference players for FAU last season under May. There’s been an idea that all three players would follow their former head coach to Michigan basketball.

Goldin and Davis have declared for the NBA draft. However, the expectation is that both will probably return to college. You never know though. Martin might declare for the draft too. It’s the smart thing to do as the NBA teams can offer an evaluation and you get feedback on how to improve.

Mutual interest between Michigan basketball and Alijah Martin

According to Chris Balas of The Wolverine, the “mutual interest” between Martin and Michigan basketball is “very high.” Martin also entered the portal with a do not contact designation, which means he knows where he wants to go or is down to a few choices.

You’d have to think Michigan basketball would be on the shortlist. It’s hard to imagine another school Martin would know he wants to go to so soon after May’s departure. You can’t rule anything out in this transfer portal era though when tampering is rampant and essentially encouraged by the NCAA.

May has been a busy man as Michigan basketball head coach. He doesn’t have a commitment yet but the Wolverines appear to have a real shot at Goldin, Davis, Martin, and Connor Essegian, plus Danny Wolf. Nimari Burnett, Jace Howard, George Washington III, and maybe even Terrance Williams II could return. 

Never say never. But if May was able to add 2-3 of his former charges, plus Essegian and Wolf, the Wolverines would be in business.

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