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Michigan football offense answers a major question against ECU

The Michigan football offense addressed a major question mark today.



Michigan football offense, Roman Wilson, JJ McCarthy, East Carolina

Heading into the season, a major question for the Michigan football offense was at wide receiver. With the loss of Ronnie Bell, who would step up as a true WR1 for junior quarterback JJ McCarthy? Today, that question was answered — it’s senior wideout Roman Wilson.

Michigan football offense answers major question

Roman Wilson has been impressive with the Wolverines for a few years now; however, injuries have largely sidelined his progress. That said, today, it became clear that the Michigan football offense is going to rely on him heavily throughout the 2023 season. JJ McCarthy hit Wilson time and time again, even for a few touchdowns during the Wolverines’ Week 1 win.

“I mean, I was just doing my job out there, running my route how I ran it in practice,” Roman Wilson said of his impressive performance today. “If he (JJ McCarthy) puts the ball near me, I gotta catch it. Talking about the third touchdown, I just — if I’m gonna be honest man, I was out there, I was dying, it was hot. Like, I know I’m from Hawaii, but it was hot out there today. I just knew that I had an opportunity to come open, he threw me the ball. So every opportunity I get, I’ve got to take advantage of it. Playing in this offense with a guy like this (Blake Corum) — elite running backs, two of them — I got to take advantage of every opportunity I get out there.”

Roman Wilson living up to his new number so far

All said and done, Wilson hauled in six passes for 78 yards and three touchdowns, emerging as the top target for the Michigan football offense just one game into the 2023 season. Over the 2023 offseason, Wilson changed from No. 14 to the coveted No. 1 — this number brings high expectations in Ann Arbor, but Wilson is clearly not shying away from the challenge.

“I remember the day when coach Harbaugh came into my room and asked me if I wanted to wear it (the No. 1 jersey),” Roman Wilson said after today’s game. “It is a historic number, and it’s a lot of pressure, but that’s what I want. I want a lot of pressure on me, I want pressure on my back. This number represents big things, and that’s my goal this season — whether I’m wearing 14, I could wear 87 — that’s what I want.”

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