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Michigan football scandal: what evidence does the Big Ten have?

Here is the questionable evidence that the Big Ten has in the Michigan football scandal.



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Amid the Michigan football scandal, it sounds like things could get interesting later today as things continue to unfold between the University of Michigan and the Big Ten Conference. With Jim Harbaugh, Connor Stalions, and the sign-stealing allegations taking center stage in the world of college football, U-M is gearing up for war with anyone who dares to overstep their bounds and skip due process. Last night, parts of Michigan’s 10-page letter to the conference were leaked by Yahoo Sports, including a breakdown of the questionable evidence that the conference has against the Wolverines.

Latest Michigan football scandal details

Will Jim Harbaugh be suspended today? That remains to be seen, though it’s clear that the school has been preparing for a Harbaugh suspension and that U-M is ready to drag this into court if need be.

What evidence does the Big Ten have?

After new reports surfaced last night via Yahoo Sports, we now have a much better grasp on what evidence the Big Ten has on Connor Stalions and Michigan football amid the sign-stealing scandal. Below is some of the evidence that Michigan questions, per the report. It’s also worth noting that, according to U-M, they have not seen any of the video evidence that Tony Petitti is basing his allegations around.

  • Records of Stalions’ tickets purchased and transfers.
  • One unsolicited tip by an unidentified person claiming to have witnessed a person in Stalions’ seat filming the sideline.
  • A link to a public article that includes a “now-deleted” video of Stalions on the sideline of a Michigan game.
  • A short video titled “UMass vs. PSU video,” which, per the report, “does not clearly show anything at all.”

U-M leadership ready to defend Michigan football, Jim Harbaugh

Michigan’s response to the Big Ten includes that, from what the school can tell right now, the conference’s notice of potential punishment and findings “largely relies on rumor.”

More from Harbaugh’s attorney, Tom Mars

The lawyer of Jim Harbaugh, Tom Mars, who is quite familiar with these types of cases with the NCAA and in college athletics, also sent an eight-page letter to the Big Ten last night. In it, he reportedly cites the Big Ten’s lack of power right now.

“It should be self-evident that the (Big Ten) Commissioner’s duty is to make sound decisions based on his own principles and those of the Conference and to disregard anyone’s desire for a rush to judgment — especially when they’re motivated by a desire to diminish Michigan’s opportunity to win the Conference and advance to the playoffs,” Mars wrote.

Big Ten will get a fight over Connor Stalions’ sign-stealing case

So, for now, it’s time to sit back and see how the rest of the Michigan football scandal plays out. That said, if it’s a fight that the Big Ten wants with Jim Harbaugh and the Wolverines, it’s a fight they will get.

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