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Most recent statement from Jim Harbaugh on the NFL rumors

As rumors continue to fly, Jim Harbaugh’s most recent statement on the NFL seems to shut down all speculation.



Michigan Wolverines head coach Jim Harbaugh stands on the sideline during the NCAA football game at Michigan Stadium in Ann Arbor on Monday, Nov. 29, 2021.

Since Michigan’s 51-45 loss to TCU in the College Football Playoff (CFP) there has been a lot of speculation surrounding the Wolverines’ head coach. Jim Harbaugh — one of the most sought-after coaches at the college and NFL level — will have an important decision to make regarding his future with the program.

NFL rumors are nothing new for Jim Harbaugh

Since leaving the San Fransisco 49ers in 2014, Jim Harbaugh has been tied to many NFL jobs. After getting Michigan football back on the map with a 10-3 season in 2015, the Wolverines’ head coach was already being tempted to make a return to the league.

That being said, Harbaugh has never shown signs of wanting to leave… until 2021. Last season, following Michigan’s 12-2 Big Ten Championship performance, Harbaugh attempted to make a return to the NFL. On National Signing Day, Harbaugh was in Minnesota interviewing for the Vikings head coaching position.

Right now, coming off the heels of another Big Ten Championship season and win over Ohio State, rumors that Jim Harbaugh will head to the NFL area gaining steam once again.

What has Harbaugh said about it?

Jim Harbaugh has maintained radio silence regarding his NFL career thus far, though in fairness, it is still early. Michigan football’s season ended two days ago, so there’s no reason to expect much from Harbaugh just yet.

Still, many reports have already emerged about NFL teams pursuing Harbaugh. This evening, Bruce Feldman reported that Jim Harbaugh will leave Michigan if an NFL team offers him a head coaching position.

While this is an alarming thing to see being reported by a credible source, what has Harbaugh himself said about leaving Michigan? On December 4th, a day after Michigan’s 43-22 win over Purdue in the Big Ten Championship game, Harbaugh had this to say.

“I will enthusiastically be back as the coach of the Wolverines in 2023.” – Jim Harbaugh on leaving Michigan after the 2022 season

Since early-December, we are yet to hear more on the NFL from Harbaugh. Still, going off of his most recent quote about leaving Michigan, we can infer that the Wolverines’ head coach will be back in 2023.