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Who should be Michigan football interim coach against Penn State?

Here is who we think will be the Michigan football interim coach against Penn State following the Big Ten suspension of Jim Harbaugh.



Michigan football coach Jim Harbaugh pre Rose Bowl
Michigan coach Jim Harbaugh watches a replay from the sideline during the second half of U-M's 52-7 win over Indiana on Saturday, Oct. 14, 2023, in Ann Arbor.

With the Wolverines’ football team in the air, the Big Ten just announced that ninth-year head coach Jim Harbaugh will be suspended from the sidelines for the remainder of the regular season. With a massive game against Penn State coming tomorrow afternoon, who should be the Michigan football interim coach against the Nittany Lions? Jesse Minter, Mike Hart, and Sherrone Moore all have experience, but we feel that there is one option that stands out above the rest.

Who should be Michigan football interim coach in place of Jim Harbaugh against Penn State?

Four Michigan football coaches have head coaching experience this year from the non-conference slate, when Jim Harbaugh was banned from the sidelines by the University of Michigan. For the Wolverines, who are looking to improve to 10-0 tomorrow against Penn State, one of these coaches will have to step up and take control.

Sherrone Moore and Jesse Minter are two of the top coordinators in the sport of college football, and while they were both solid head coaches earlier this fall, we are backing a different name for the Michigan football interim coach role.

See, when it comes down to it, Sherrone Moore has to call the offense, Jay Harbaugh has to call the special teams, and Jesse Miner has to call the defense. Mike Hart, the fourth Michigan coach with head coaching experience this fall, is the Wolverines’ running backs coach, and may be the best fit.

The verdict: Mike Hart

Why? Well, the way I see it, Michigan football is experienced, and the staff knows how to call the game already. Additionally, I am positive that Jim Harbaugh and his staff have been prepping for a potential suspension of this kind from the Big Ten all week long, so everyone should know what to do.

If Mike Hart can simply manage the game, freeing up the coordinators to call their plays and focus on each facet of the game against Penn State, the Wolverines likely have their best shot at avoiding a messy meltdown without Jim Harbaugh.

That said, regardless of who Michigan football elects to be head coach tomorrow, the Wolverines will be in good hands against the No. 10 Nittany Lions.

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