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Michigan football: new Ohio State quarterback claims to understand the importance of ‘The Game’

This new Ohio State quarterback appears to know how much ‘The Game’ means for Michigan and Ohio State fans.



Michigan football, New Ohio State quarterback, Kyle McCord
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This fall, Michigan football will aim to secure a third consecutive victory over the Ohio State Buckeyes, who dominated the Wolverines in the previous two decades. For the Maize and Blue, Ohio State will visit Ann Arbor in Week 13, featuring their new starting quarterback, Kyle McCord, in what is likely to be the most significant game of Ryan Day’s coaching career in Columbus.

Recently, the new Ohio State quarterback discussed the Buckeyes’ approach to ‘The Game‘ this year and why it holds immense importance for Ohio State in 2023. According to McCord, Ohio State is adopting a different strategy in hopes of achieving a distinct outcome.

New Ohio State quarterback says OSU is changing its approach with Michigan football

This decade, Michigan football has experienced nothing but massive wins over the Ohio State Buckeyes, who managed to make the College Football Playoff last year despite a 45-23 home loss in the final week of the regular season.

That being said, both teams seem to be on a collision course once again in 2023. Currently, it appears that both Ohio State and Michigan are poised for successful seasons and may be on track to compete for the national title this fall. Prior to the 2023 season, Kyle McCord, the new Ohio State quarterback who will be taking over for CJ Stroud, discussed the significance of ‘The Game’ for Ohio State in 2023.

“It’s more than just a football game,” said the new Ohio State quarterback, according to ESPN. “It’s something you live 365 days a year if you come here. It was a surprise when we lost to them my freshman year, and I think it woke a lot of people up. Last year we were confident going into the game. I think we had a good game plan.

“We knew what we wanted to do in terms of offensive scheme and where we wanted to attack them on defense. To come up short again really makes you take a step back and say, ‘We’ve got to change our approach and some of the things we’re doing.'”

Earlier this offseason, Ohio State athletic director Gene Smith explained that, despite the losses to Michigan football, he remained optimistic about Ohio State’s recent performance, considering their close proximity to winning a national title. However, according to the new Ohio State quarterback, defeating Michigan has once again become the team’s top priority.

“I think everybody had a clear vision of what it’s going to take to win, because obviously the last two years we haven’t done enough to do that. I can say with confidence, I think that’s the No. 1 goal in every person’s mind in the building every single day we walk in is to beat them.”

A clash for the Big Ten, perhaps even the CFP and national title

In 2021, Ohio State and Michigan football faced each other with records of 10-1, neither team being ranked in the top 5. The previous year, both teams entered the matchup with 11-0 records and were ranked in the top 3. In 2023, the expectations remain high as these two powerhouses compete for the top spot in the Big Ten and a potential chance at winning a national championship.

Both Michigan and Ohio State fell short in the playoffs last year. If Michigan football wants to take the next step, it seems that this year presents the opportunity to do so. On the flip side, there are lingering concerns in Columbus regarding Ryan Day’s 1-3 playoff record and 1-2 record against Michigan. These are issues that Day and the new Ohio State quarterback, Kyle McCord, will be eager to address this coming fall.

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