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CJ Stroud claims Michigan kept him from winning the Heisman twice

Stroud claimed that he would have won two Heismans if he had beaten the Wolverines.



CJ Stroud
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Ever since Michigan’s crushing home loss to Ohio State in 2019, the Wolverines have turned the tide in their rivalry with the Ohio State Buckeyes. No one is more familiar with this changing of the guard than former Ohio State quarterback CJ Stroud. Throughout Stroud’s time as a starter in the Scarlet and Grey, he led the Buckeyes to a 22-4 record, a Rose Bowl win, and a College Football Playoff berth.

Still, a massive blemish is on Stroud’s resume as a Buckeye: he never beat Michigan or won the Big Ten. Failing to win a conference/national title is one thing, but failing to beat the Michigan Wolverines is inexcusable for an Ohio State quarterback.

CJ Stroud claims he would have won two Heismans if it weren’t for Michigan

On Friday, CJ Stroud met with the media and had quite a few notable words. Still, what seemed to standout the most was Stroud confidently stating that he would have won two Heismans if he had beaten Michigan football — additionally, he claimed that he contemplated coming back to Ohio State for another shot at Michigan and a national title. Here is what Stroud had to say:

“I was honestly gonna come back to school,” Stroud said. “It takes time to get where I was at — it takes a lot of hard work, a lot of trust building, a lot of comradery off the field, and that’s something you can’t just throw in the trash right away.”

He continued, “Not beating [Michigan], not winning a national championship, [these] were two goals of mine, and of course not winning the Heisman — I feel because of those losses, that kind of hurts you know what I am saying? I feel like I could have won two Heismans back-to-back if I win those two games.”

While Stroud seems confident that he would have won two-straight Heisman Trophies, the world may never know, because CJ Stroud’s Buckeyes were blown out by Jim Harbaugh & Co. in back-to-back years.

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