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Michigan quarterback breaks down how Kirk Campbell approaches the QB room

One of the Wolverines’ quarterbacks had a lot to say about Kirk Campbell, the new quarterbacks coach.



Michigan football quarterback room, JJ McCarthy, Davis Warren, Jack Tuttle
Dec 31, 2022; Glendale, Arizona, USA; Michigan Wolverines quarterback Davis Warren (16) against the TCU Horned Frogs during the 2022 Fiesta Bowl at State Farm Stadium. Mandatory Credit: Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

ANN ARBOR, Mich. — The Michigan Wolverines held their annual spring game just a few days ago; it was the fans’ first look at this year’s team, and was a great learning opportunity for many of the younger players on the 2023 roster. Following the Michigan football spring game, Michigan quarterback Davis Warren commented on the Wolverines’ new quarterbacks coach — Kirk Campbell — and how he approaches the QB room in his new role.

Kirk Campbell finds new role as quarterbacks coach ahead of the 2023 season

Back in January of this year, former Michigan football co-offensive coordinator and quarterbacks coach Matt Weiss was fired amidst a police investigation into computer access crimes that were committed in December of 2022. Since then, no further information has been released, though much speculation has gone around regarding what Weiss has done. Regardless, Jim Harbaugh quickly promoted Kirk Campbell — who served as an offensive analyst on the 2022 team — to quarterbacks coach, and all reports indicate that he has been killing it so far.

Whether it be recruiting or developing Michigan’s quarterbacks, it sounds like the program is thrilled with the job Kirk Campbell has done in just a few short months. He also played a pivotal role in landing five-star quarterback Jadyn Davis, the crown jewel of the 2024 Michigan recruiting class.

Michigan quarterback Davis Warren breaks down the team’s new quarterbacks coach

Michigan quarterback Davis Warren has been with the team for a few years now, seeing a backup role behind Cade McNamara and JJ McCarthy. Still Warren is incredibly talented, and has served an important role with the Michigan football quarterback room despite not getting any of the glory. According to Warren, Kirk Campbell is working out well for the Wolverines thus far.

“Just super clear with everything that he’s coaching, everything’s on point,” Warren said. “We’re really clear on what we’re doing. He’s just an open door, you can always go in there and talk to him and figure things out, or text him, like I’ll text him at 10:30, 11:00 at night, and he’s responding, so, he’s just always on top of it, and he’s just cleared the picture up even more for us, and it’s been really exciting.”

Development is key to long-term success

With a new quarterbacks coach comes more development. Michigan quarterback Davis Warren claims that he is feeling like a better player already.

“I’d say last year it was like, new coordinators, it was a little bit more of an adjusting period, I think for us, both sides of the ball,” Davis Warren explained. “And I think this year, like I said, we’re chasing that 1%, we’re chasing that 1% better, and it’s such a thin margin to win a national championship and to do something that hasn’t been done here in a long time. There’s a lot of confidence in the building. I think it’s oozing out of us right now, and I just can’t wait until fall comes around, and we can go out and just show everyone what we have.”

Confident is rising among Michigan football quarterbacks

When asked where the confidence in the Michigan football quarterbacks room is coming from, Warren said, “I think, just the level of competition every single day. Like we go at it, like the offense, the defense, special teams; we’re getting after it every single day, you know, we’re pushing each other, making each other better. We’re getting in each others’ faces sometimes, you know, just the competition is so high, from the starters to the backups to the threes, that I have no doubt that if we can put it all together this fall, we can be as good as we want.”

Spring ball progression has changed the game for Michigan quarterback Davis Warren

Heading into a brand new season this fall, what is Michigan football quarterbacks coach Kirk Campbell emphasizing the most during spring ball?

“I think just like, playing on time, playing in rhythm, tying your feet to your eyes and being super clear with your eye discipline,” Michigan quarterback Davis Warren said. “Because you can’t look at all 11 guys at once, you know, that’s just the truth, you can’t see everyone at once. And really got us super disciplined with our eyes and where we’re at, and that has just made it easier on me to play quarterback. I think I definitely had one today that I’d like to have back, but overall it made me feel better about how I was doing out there today.”

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