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New Michigan football transfer portal addition looking to ‘maximize potential’ in 2023

This new Michigan football transfer portal addition is eager to get going in the Maize and Blue this fall.



Michigan football

The 2023 Michigan football transfer portal class is undeniably elite. For the Maize and Blue, the addition of a few new players is crucial in maintaining the program’s recent success, including consecutive Big Ten titles and College Football Playoff appearances by the Wolverines. Among the new transfers is Ernest Hausmann, a rising sophomore who previously played for the Nebraska Cornhuskers. Ann Arbor is now his new home, and he aims to maximize his potential with the Maize and Blue in 2023.

Meet new Michigan football transfer portal linebacker, Ernest Hausmann.

Ernest Hausmann has already experienced playing a remarkable game at Michigan Stadium when his former team, the Nebraska Cornhuskers, visited Ann Arbor during Week 11 of the 2022 season. The game resulted in a dominant 34-3 victory for the eventual Big Ten champion Michigan Wolverines.

Now, as he prepares for the 2023 season, Hausmann has undergone a uniform change and is gearing up for his first year on the Michigan football defense.

Hausmann’s decision to enter the transfer portal made him one of the most highly sought-after recruits in the market. His impressive performance, particularly against the Wolverines, during his true freshman year with Nebraska contributed to his desirability. At the time of his commitment to Michigan football, Hausmann held the No. 1 ranking among transfer portal recruits, according to 247 Sports.

While that particular title may have changed hands since then, it remains an impressive accomplishment. Furthermore, Hausmann is still recognized as one of the top five recruits in the nation in the final transfer portal rankings for the 2023 class.

Hausmann is looking forward to year one in the Maize and Blue.

Before embarking on his first year in Ann Arbor, Ernest Hausmann is eager to share his personal goals as a member of the Maize and Blue. As a new addition to the Michigan football transfer portal, he is excited for the upcoming season and fully committed to maximizing his potential as a football player. Hausmann recognizes the opportunity to work with an elite defensive coaching staff, and he is determined to make the most of it.

“Ultimately, it came down to the decision of I want to go to a place where I could maximize my potential,” Ernest Hausmann said, according to the ‘In the Trenches’ podcast. “So when the coaching change happened (at Nebraska), occurred the first time, and obviously, we’re in the season.

“So, my focus never faltered from what my mission was, that’s 100% focused on (playing for) my team and the task at hand,” the new Michigan football transfer portal addition continued. “But when the season ended, the season came to be, I had a chance to evaluate my situation, where I was at, and the ultimate decision of I want to go to a place that could maximize my potential. I had to analyze all the factors that came into play, and then ultimately led me to the decision to enter the transfer portal.”

This upcoming season, Ernest Hausmann is expected to have a significant presence on the Michigan football defense, as he aims to contribute to the team’s pursuit of a third consecutive Big Ten title and beyond. It goes without saying that both Hausmann and Michigan football fans are eagerly anticipating the first year of this new era, filled with excitement for the upcoming season.

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