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Ohio State Star Guarantees Win Over Michigan Football

Leading up to “The Game,” this Ohio State star appears to have just ensured a win against Michigan football.



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With each passing second, fans and players for both Ohio State and Michigan football get a little bit closer to the one day that matters most. “The Game,” as it’s known, will kick off in just three days at the Big House in Ann Arbor, with the No. 2 Buckeyes and No. 3 Wolverines both playing elite football, heading into the matchup with 11-0 records and a shot at winning championships on the line. Recently, Denzel Burke — a junior cornerback in Columbus — seemed to ensure that OSU would beat U-M this weekend during his media availability.

Ohio State star Denzel Burke seems to guarantee win over Michigan football

The Michigan-Ohio State rivalry has a history of players promising wins over the other team and a tradition of those promises falling through. Despite the fact that Denzel Burke is 0-2 against Michigan football so far, suffering two straight blowout losses against the Wolverines (42-27 and 45-23), Burke went on the record ahead of this weekend’s matchup and added more bulletin board material for the Wolverines.

“You know, the last couple of years — the bad brawls, the respect between coaches, just doing (things) for the city of Columbus. … I’m very emotional,” Denzel Burke said, talking about this weekend’s game, per Adam King. “I’m trying not to get too out of character, but this game means a lot for us (Ohio State). And we’re gonna get it done for the state of Ohio.”

“Nothing” stands out about Michigan

When asked what stands out the most about Michigan football, Burke added a little disrespect.

“Nothing (stands out),” he said. “We’ve just got to go out there and do our job and really compete and play hard for each other. We’re gonna be the villain walking in there, and this game is really about respect for us. Especially my class, the last two years — we haven’t gotten it done. No gold pants. So, we’ve got to go there and just be us.”

Things are already getting chippy between these two top-3 college football powerhouses, and on Saturday, everything will spill onto the field when Michigan football and Ohio State face off for all the marbles.

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