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Statistics say Michigan football is among 16 true championship contenders

Michigan football holds a blue-chip recruit ratio high enough to make them national championship candidates.



Statistics show Michigan football blue-chip
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Although stats don’t tell the whole story, they can certainly help. When analyzing the history of the college football playoff, 247 Sports found a familiar trend among contending teams and their blue-chip recruit ratio. For the upcoming season, statistics say Michigan football is among 16 teams with a blue-chip recruit ratio high enough to make them a true national title contender.

247 Sports releases “Blue-Chip Ratio 2023” and outlines true national title contenders

The blue-chip recruit ratio represents the percentage of signed recruits (walk-ons don’t count) who joined their team as a four or five-star recruit. These players can come from junior college or straight out of high school.

According to 247 Sports, teams with a less than 50% blue-chip recruit ratio over the course of four years are “almost certainly guaranteed to not win it all.” Using this metric, 16 teams for the 2023 season can be viewed as true national title contenders. Among the teams listed are the Michigan Wolverines.

Michigan football has high hopes and expectations for the 2023 season

Michigan football has unfinished business with the College Football Playoff. After finishing back-to-back seasons with a loss in the playoff semifinals, the Wolverines are hungrier than ever to win it all.

Jim Harbaugh has lost his last six bowl games but will look to right the ship this winter. The Wolverines currently hold the No. 2 preseason ranking at ESPN and could very realistically find themselves in the playoffs for the third year in a row.

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