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Desmond Howard updates take on Michigan football scandal

Desmond Howard just gave a revised take on the Michigan football scandal.



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Sep 16, 2023; Boulder, Colorado, USA; Desmond Howard on the set of ESPN College GameDay prior to the game between the Colorado Buffaloes and the Colorado State Rams at Folsom Field. Mandatory Credit: Andrew Wevers-USA TODAY Sports

Desmond Howard is one of the top players in program history, and with his alma mater dealing with illegal sign-stealing allegations, he recently updated his take on the Michigan football scandal. Here is how Howard is feeling about Connor Stalions, Jim Harbaugh, rival schools, and more now that we are a week into these new reports coming out.

Desmond Howard updates take on Michigan football scandal

Desmond Howard is disappointed with the Michigan football sign-stealing scandal, but not just because of what the Wolverines are being accused of. Rather, he is frustrated that the accomplishments of the current players are being undermined by the reports — here is some of what he said about the scandal on ESPN College Game Day this morning.

“The most disappointing thing as a former player — it’s disappointing to see your program go through this — but the flip side of this is it takes so much attention away from what’s going on on the field,” Desmond Howard said of the Michigan football scandal. “Like these players are having an outstanding season, and we will sit here and talk eight to nine minutes about (Connor Stalions) and what he’s allegedly doing, or was doing, and I think it’s unfair to the players. They’re playing their butts off.”

Howard talks about Connor Stalions

Desmond Howard also had a chance to update his take on currently suspended Michigan football staffer Connor Stalions, who is at the heart of the NCAA investigation into the sign-stealing scandal.

“He (Connor Stalions) admitted himself that he first started stealing signs — I don’t think you’d call it stealing signs — like you decode signs that you see from television,” Desmond Howard said. “That’s how he started. This is a guy who had a big obsession with becoming Michigan’s head coach. He wrote a 500-page manifesto on his plan to become Michigan’s head coach. Then he went out and served this obsession by hiring other people to now, I guess, allegedly to steal signs.”

Warde Manuel will be key, says Howard

Howard also states that athletic director Warde Manuel — whom he calls “one of the best in the country” — will be a key piece in getting to the bottom of what happened with Stalions and the sign-stealing scandal.

“AD Warde Manual, he’s a guy who’s one of the best in the country,” Howard added. “He’ll be able to help get to the bottom of this because he’s a former player. He takes this personally,” Howard said. “He’s going to help, not only get to the bottom of this but steer this program where it needs to go.”

‘No excuses’ for anyone that loses to Michigan football from now on

A silver lining for Michigan football may be that, now that Connor Stalions is suspended and everyone has the Maize and Blue under a microscope, there are no more excuses for anyone that loses to the Wolverines.

“If there’s a silver lining, now, moving forward, there’s no excuses. There’s no excuses,” Desmond Howard said. “For everybody they play now, it is what it is. So I want to see how they perform – Purdue, Penn State, Maryland, Ohio State. No excuses.”

Michigan football has the weekend off and will host Purdue next weekend coming off the bye. With an “us versus them” mentality, expect the Wolverines to come out swinging and make a huge push for the national championship this fall — Michigan must face Purdue, Penn State, Maryland, and Ohio State this year, as well as a potential Big Ten title game berth and more.

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