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Michigan football: Jim Harbaugh has an awesome recruiting pitch for Ohio prospects

According to the No. 1 player in Ohio, Jim Harbaugh has an amazing recruiting pitch for Michigan football.



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Heading into the 2020s, Ohio State was riding an 8-game winning streak against Michigan football, and the programs felt worlds apart. Everything changed for the Wolverines in 2021, though, as Jim Harbaugh and his team stormed past Ohio State en route to a Big Ten title and College Football Playoff appearance — they did it all again in 2022. With everything going right for Michigan right now, it comes as no surprise that the Wolverines are starting to catch up in recruiting as well.

Recently, four-star recruit Bryce West, the No. 1 recruit in Ohio, explained how Jim Harbaugh is recruiting Ohio targets to Michigan football. Needless to say, it is a hell of a pitch.

Jim Harbaugh has an amazing recruiting pitch for Ohio prospects

Over the long and storied history of Michigan football, a few things have remained true. One of them is that many of the Wolverines’ top players hail from the state of Ohio. One such example is Charles Woodson, who claimed the Heisman Trophy in 1997, along with a national title and more.

Now, with the apparent resurgence of Michigan football in recent seasons, Jim Harbaugh aims to restore the Wolverines’ winning ways in the state of Ohio across all aspects of the game. A few months ago, Michigan triumphed over the Buckeyes in Columbus, defeating them by 22 points and securing their second consecutive victory over Ohio State.

Currently, Jim Harbaugh is striving to secure commitments from the top two players in Ohio for the 2024 recruiting class — Bryce West and Aaron Scott — and it seems he is making progress toward that goal. What is his recruiting pitch to these elite Ohio targets? It’s simple: “The best players in Ohio come play at Michigan.”

According to Bryce West, that is what Jim Harbaugh conveyed during his recent visit, and it may be the message that sparked his interest in making a return trip this week before his official visit with Ohio State over the weekend.

It’s clear that Jim Harbaugh and Michigan football have caught up on the field; catching up on the recruiting trail as well will be even more dangerous for the Big Ten and national title races for years to come.

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