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REPORT: Jim Harbaugh advised Blake Corum to leave Michigan football

According to Jim Harbaugh, he advised Blake Corum to leave Michigan football.



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Sep 11, 2021; Ann Arbor, Michigan, USA; Michigan Wolverines running back Blake Corum (2) rushes in the second half against the Washington Huskies at Michigan Stadium. Mandatory Credit: Rick Osentoski-USA TODAY Sports

Blake Corum is nearing the completion of his rehabilitation process following a knee injury he sustained last autumn during a matchup against the Illinois Fighting Illini in Week 12. Despite the setback, the Wolverines managed to secure a narrow victory of 19-17, advancing to an impressive 11-0 record leading up to ‘The Game.’ Contrary to initial expectations, Blake Corum has made the decision to return for one final season with Michigan football this upcoming fall, even though head coach Jim Harbaugh had advised against it.

Jim Harbaugh advises Blake Corum to declare for 2023 NFL Draft

Throughout his nearly nine-year coaching tenure with the Maize and Blue, Jim Harbaugh has consistently demonstrated his genuine concern for the well-being and success of his players.

Last season, under Harbaugh’s guidance, Michigan football achieved its second consecutive Big Ten title and secured a spot in the College Football Playoff. The exceptional skills of running back Blake Corum greatly contributed to the team’s accomplishments. Despite Harbaugh’s counsel, Corum has chosen to extend his time in Ann Arbor and participate in his senior year with Michigan football.

“I mean, that was my opinion but you know he wanted to have a full offseason where he could train and prepare,” the Wolverines’ head coach said, per The Wolverine. “[He wants to] bring his best to a team. That’s who he is. And I was quick to say hey, ‘I support that as well.’ When you know him, it clicks immediately. I mean that’s who he is. So he’s been a guy that knocking on the door of the weight room and it’s six in the morning.”

Corum will remain in Ann Arbor for 2023 season

While Jim Harbaugh may have initially advised against Blake Corum’s decision to continue his football career at Michigan, the head coach is undoubtedly aware of Corum’s immense potential for the upcoming season. Considering Corum’s track record and the success he has already achieved, it is not unreasonable to anticipate that he could leave a lasting legacy in Ann Arbor.

If past performances are any indication, Corum has the potential to solidify his place among the program’s all-time greats. With his exceptional skills and contributions to the team’s success, there is a possibility that Corum could add a third Big Ten title ring to his collection and even contend for a national championship. Harbaugh, recognizing Corum’s talent and the impact he can make on the field, surely has high hopes for his star running back in the upcoming season.

Only time will tell how Corum’s senior year unfolds, but if history does repeat itself, he has the opportunity to make a significant impact on the Wolverines’ football program and leave a lasting legacy as one of their all-time great players.

“He’s maniacal in his preparation, his training, everything in detail,” Harbaugh said of Corum. “I think this really gave him an opportunity to take his time to get right and that’s one of those guys that has tremendous character and the last two years as a teammate it’s up there with the elite.”

The Maize and Blue star wants a national title this fall

Blake Corum’s return to Michigan football clearly demonstrates his determination to achieve greatness. His goal is not simply to be one of the top performers in the Big Ten, but to strive for excellence on a national level. Corum’s intentions for the 2023 season are crystal clear: he aims to lead his team to a national championship.

By expressing his desire to win a national title, Corum highlights his unwavering ambition and competitive spirit. It is evident that he has set his sights on the ultimate achievement in college football and will do everything in his power to help his team reach that pinnacle.

Corum’s commitment to his goal serves as motivation for himself and his teammates. With his skillset and determination, he will undoubtedly be a driving force in Michigan’s pursuit of a national championship.

“The NFL’s not going nowhere. So what’s one more year,” Blake Corum has said.“I’m getting all these pros: my degree, the chance to win a national championship, the chances of leaving a true legacy, chance of being a hero, I’m in the community here big time, so I get one more year with the community, charities, and just giving back.”

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